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To a world of music opportunities Looking for a course to develop your musical skills? Look no further

Sargamdhun Music, institute located in Smethwick Birmingham, United Kingdom offers comprehensive, hands-on education in classical and contemporary music, the perfect way to develop vital skills for working in today's music, performance and media industries. Sargamdhun offers practical, music oriented courses which are plugged into the real world of today's creative industries. Sargamdhun bridges the gap between music education and the music industry.

Sargamdhun is committed to impart knowledge of quality innovative musical notes and as well as an opportunity for all those wishing to engage in music. It covers all the genres of music. Classical, semi classical, instrumental and tunes of bollywood, all under one roof of SARGAMDHUN. The teaching methods at Sargamdhun follow the traditional form of shiksha based on swar, raag, laya and taal. Sargamdhun focuses on teaching, how to create, develop and perform better music.



The Founder and Director of Sargamdhun is a vocal music prodigy, an accomplished performer, author and composer. She is a Gold medalist in Indian music from prestigious Kanpur University (India) and holds a doctorate for the same.

Dr. Ranjita Awasthi has been performing in several grand events for many years. She is an active member in the events conducted annually, showcasing different genres of Indian music. Apart from organizing stage shows and events she conducts workshops in various schools and colleges. She is a stage performer and has mastered various styles of singing right from classical to western. She has immense knowledge of music and her achievements in the respective field has now made her a mentor for many aspiring singers and performers.



Sargamdhun, a music & dance training institute was formed in the year 2005, by Dr. Ranjita Awasthi. Gradual increase in popularity & student strength propelled the institute from giving 2 classes a week to training people everyday.

Sargamdhun Institute is affiliated to the Bhatkhande Sangit Vidyapith, Lucknow (India) and is one of the very few Indian institutes in U.K., creating a niche & uniqueness of its own. This institute not only trains people in music, dancing & singing but also helps them to express their inner most feelings through these performing arts. It offers a wide array of courses on its artistic menu & is a delight to all the students and patrons of art. Sargamdhun institute has been conducting workshops in schools, colleges & community centers and has also been organising stage shows once every year with full team of students.

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Meri Awaaz Meri Pehchaan - 12th February 2023

Tarana - 23rd Feb 2019

Musical Extravaganza - 23rd February 2020

Classical Evening - 31st Jan 2016


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